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Why ExcellED Montessori is the Premier Choice for Parents

At ExcellED Schools, we believe that no school is bigger than childhood and no teacher is greater than curiosity. Our goal is to provide your children with a carefully prepared, safe learning environment that encourages curiosity, creativity, and helps develop independent learners. An environment that is not only physically safe but also provides a safe environment to explore new ideas.

Over the last two years, many families have selected ExcellED Montessori Plus for their children for reasons including:

Curriculum and instruction – Children learn in different ways and at different paces. We integrate multiple instructional strategies, including Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Traditional methods, to personalize instruction for each child’s unique needs.

Lower student-to-teacher ratios – student-to-teacher ratios are lower than state-mandated ratios to provide more individual and personalized instruction for each child –  Primary (3-6 year) classroom has 2 teachers for 20 children in the class.

Teacher qualifications and instruction design – Teaching is both art and science. Our teachers have extensive experience in early childhood education, and our chief instructional designer is a specialist in instructional and curriculum design.

Outdoor classroom and nature play – Not all classrooms have 4 walls. Our outdoor classroom provides students with the opportunity to connect with nature. Play with purpose.

Yoga for building inner strength – Healthy bodies, healthy minds. An instructor teaches yoga to all children on Thursdays helping them build inner strength. The children get to practice the same during the week in their classrooms.

Music – Music can help accelerate brain development, particularly in the area of language acquisition and reading skills. Students receive music lessons once a week.

Spanish – Learning and speaking multiple languages improves cognitive and social-emotional development. We have integrated Spanish as part of their daily curriculum.

Nutrition – Our onsite chef prepares fresh breakfast and lunch daily using organic and natural ingredients. Our students get to taste and experience different types of food.

Ventilation System – a special airconditioning system to minimize microbial contamination across classrooms

The journey for a child to reach their full potential takes an extraordinary commitment. That is why there is nothing ordinary about ExcellED Montessori.

Multipurpose indoor play area – large indoor play area with 1700 sq feet for bad weather days, Texas heat, and for students with allergies

Security – keyed access to the premise and video surveillance

Technology – use of an app to communicate your child’s progress and daily activities

These are just some of the few reasons why parents are selecting ExcellED to prepare their children for Kindergarten and life. Come and explore our school and meet with the teachers.

We also offer summer camps and after-school academic enrichment programs. We will be transporting students from Van Raub, Kendall, and Fair Oaks ES.

Programs offered at ExcellED Montessori Plus include:

✔️Infants (10 Weeks – 18 Months)
✔️Toddlers (18 – 36 Months)
✔️Primary (3-6 Years)
✔️Mother’s Day Out
✔️Spanish Immersion / Dual Language
✔️After School Programs and Summer Camp (6 – 12 Years)
Music, Spanish, and Yoga are other programs included as part of the tuition.
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