A program for Preschool

3 to 6 years in age

Excelled Montessori is our values-based curriculum for preschoolers ages 2 through 6 designed to enrich young brains, nurture growing bodies and develop best behaviors.

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A program for Preschool


3 to 6 years

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A program for Preschool


The preschool Montessori classroom materials cover developmental activities design to meet the needs of the child in five curriculum areas:

Practical life skills

  • Independence
  • Care of the environment
  • Care of person
  • Grace and courtesy
  • Sense of order
  • Concentration

Sensorial activities

  • Abstract ideas in concrete forms
  • Control of error
  • Orderly fashion
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Tactile discrimination
  • Auditory discrimination


  • Love of math at a young age
  • Confidence in working with large numbers
  • Symbols and quantities
  • Sorting and grading objects
  • Linear counting
  • Geometry (naming shapes, counting sides)


  • Learning to write, then read by kindergarten
  • Oral language: vocabulary enrichment
  • Phonetic awareness
  • Grammar
  • Penmanship
  • Creative writing
  • Research

Cultural Studies

  • What is History?
  • Our changing world
  • Art/music/food tasting
  • Astronomy
  • Zoology
  • Botany
  • Hands-on science experiments

Program Schedule / Daily Routine

Preschool years give children the freedom to develop as unique individuals. For the first several hours of the day, our preschoolers participate in the Montessori work cycle. During this time children freely choose to work with Montessori activities in one of the five curriculum areas. New children are guided through the activities and lessons by the Montessori-trained educators.

Play Time

After the Montessori work cycle is outdoor or indoor play time! Our prepared environments are designed to invite interest and activity. This is a time for the preschoolers to socialize and exercise their gross motor skills. It is a wonderful time to foster imitative learning, collaboration, and nurturing of younger children.

Collaborative Learning

In the afternoons, children benefit from additional curriculum opportunities such as the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Through these approaches, children expand and construct their knowledge through various, creative explorations. When learning is the product of the child’s guided construction rather than simply the teacher’s transmission, learning becomes individualized. Most importantly, teaching becomes a two-way relationship in which the teacher’s understanding of the child is just as important as the child’s understanding of the teacher.

Innovative Curriculum

At ExcellED Montessori Plus, we envision the child as someone actively seeking knowledge. This is a perspective that turns structured curriculum, with predetermined outcomes, on its head. A standardized curriculum often eliminates all possibility of a spontaneous inquiry, stealing potential moments of learning from students in a cookie-cutter approach to education. Each child we teach is unique. To teach well, educators must ensure that creativity and innovation are always present. This type of educational environment, our environment, pursues wonder and finds joy at every turn.

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