Movement and Motor Skills Mastery Lab – Working on Big Muscles

Movement and Motor Skills

An innovative and dynamic space dedicated to developing children’s motor skills.

We are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our Excelled Montessori family – the Movement and Motor Skills Mastery Lab! This innovative space is not just a room; it’s a gateway to a world where movement, learning, and fun intertwine to foster the holistic development of our young learners.

Why a Movement and Motor Skills Lab?

Developing motor skills is as crucial as learning ABCs and 123s in the early years of a child’s life. Motor skills are the foundation upon which children build a range of life skills. Our lab is designed to nurture these skills in a structured yet playful environment, aligning perfectly with the Montessori philosophy of education that values the whole child’s development.

Key Features of the Motor Skills Lab:

  1. Interactive Play Equipment: The lab is equipped with a variety of play equipment that encourages gross motor skill development. This includes climbing frames, balance beams, and soft play obstacles that help children develop coordination, balance, and strength.
  2. Sensory Integration Zones: Specific areas are dedicated to sensory play, aiding in the development of fine motor skills and sensory processing. These zones include tactile panels, sand and water play tables, and other materials that engage different senses.
  3. Safe and Encouraging Environment: The entire space is designed with child safety in mind. Soft, cushioned flooring reduces the risk of injuries, and the open layout allows for easy supervision while giving children the freedom to explore.
  4. Educational Focus: Each aspect of the lab is thoughtfully designed to combine play with learning. Activities are geared towards enhancing physical development while also fostering cognitive skills, such as problem-solving and spatial awareness.
  5. Inclusive Design: The lab caters to children of various ages and abilities, ensuring that every child can participate and benefit from the activities offered.
  6. Outdoor Connection: The use of astro turf and elements that mimic outdoor play environments brings the benefits of outdoor play into a controlled indoor setting, making it accessible in all weather conditions.
  7. Collaborative Play Spaces: The lab encourages social interaction and cooperative play, helping children to develop communication skills and empathy as they play and learn alongside their peers.

Overall, the Motor Skills Lab at Excelled is more than just a play area; it’s a comprehensive developmental space where children can grow, learn, and explore in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

Benefits of Physical Activities for Children:

  • Enhanced Physical Health: Regular physical activity is crucial for developing strength, balance, and coordination.
  • Cognitive Development: Activities in the lab encourage children to think, explore, and solve problems.
  • Social Skills: Working alongside peers, children learn to communicate, share, and collaborate.
  • Emotional Well-being: Physical activity is known to boost mood and self-esteem.

Our Vision:

At Excelled Montessori, we believe in providing an environment where children can grow and learn through exploration and play. The Movement and Motor Skills Mastery Lab is a testament to our commitment to offering innovative and comprehensive educational experiences.


The Movement and Motor Skills Mastery Lab is more than just a new facility; it’s a part of our ongoing effort to enrich the educational journey of our students. We invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter and watch as your children discover new ways to move, learn, and grow.

Visit us to experience the magic of the Movement and Motor Skills Mastery Lab and see how your child can benefit from this unique learning environment. Contact us for more details or to schedule a visit.

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