Why us?

Why Excelled Schools?

Making every child's learning experience unique and special.

Personalized Learning

Kids learn in different ways and different paces.

Beautiful Environments

Carefully prepared environment with a large indoor play area, especially nice for those with itchy eyes, that allows full expression of movement and curiosity.

Passionate Professionalism

A team of educators with a passion for innovative learning.

Safety First

A safe and secure environment

Why “plus”?

Our learner-centric approach integrates multiple, instructional strategies.

ExcellED Montessori Plus is a preschool for infants through 6-year old that leverages innovative methods to achieve well rounded, personalized learning for each child.

ExcellED Montessori Plus is more than just a pre-school or a daycare.


Our goal is to provide children with a safe and enriching environment that enables them to develop academically, along with important life skills.


Our Staff

Teaching is both an art and science – the art of creating the conditions in which students can learn most effectively using the scientific methods of teaching. Teachers play vital roles in the lives of the students in their classrooms as mentors, coaches, guides, encouragers, and leaders. We are a group of teachers, administrators, and educators who are passionate about creating a safe, enriching environment that fosters creativity through investigations.

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Now Enrolling 10 Weeks through 6-Year-Olds

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