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Elevating Early Learning - An All-Inclusive Preparatory Preschool

At Excelled Montessori, we believe that every child deserves an extraordinary start to their educational journey. Our motto, ‘A special place for the beginning years,’ is more than just a tagline; it’s our commitment to excellence. We’ve crafted a curriculum that bridges the foundational years, ensuring that every student is not only prepared for the next educational level but is also instilled with a lifelong love for learning. With us, early education is not just about the basics; it’s about setting the gold standard for holistic development.

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What makes an ExcellED School?

It’s not the state-of-the-art facilities and technology. It’s not the carefully curated curriculum nor the renowned Montessori materials. Behind every decision and component are days, minutes, hours, and years of reflection, analysis, and collaboration of educational experiences. It’s the totality of every ounce of passion we invest in creating, refining, and delivering the finest personalized instruction in our programs. Our commitment to academic excellence through an individualized design fuels our kindergarten graduates for one outcome: “ExcellED.”

Cognia Accredited School

Cognia Accredited

ExcellEd is accredited by Cognia,  a renowned nonprofit organization that provides quality assurance for schools, school districts, and education service providers.

This accreditation is not just a badge of honor; it represents a nationally recognized mark of quality for our school. The Cognia Global Accreditation Commission’s rigorous evaluation process is a testament to our commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of educational excellence.

Being accredited by Cognia signifies that we have met stringent standards set by the educational community, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and excellence. It clearly indicates our school’s commitment to excellence, our openness to external review and feedback, and our enduring aspiration to be the best for the students we serve.

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Lifelong Learners

At ExcellED Schools, our goal is to grow lifelong learners who have the knowledge, creativity, and 21st-century learning skills to excel in a world that is constantly changing. At ExcellED Montessori Plus, we take the Montessori model a step further by blending other project-based and team-based approaches like Reggio Emilia to develop the next generation of leaders. Our whole-child approach to learning includes creating a supportive environment and community where parents, children, and educators are viewed as partners throughout the learning process.

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Personalized Learning

All children do not learn the same way and at the same pace. At ExcellED Schools, we aim to leverage research-based instructional strategies to personalize learning for each student based on their learning styles, needs, and pace. Students play an essential role in their learning, and our goal is to provide them with age-appropriate developmental tools and a safe environment.

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Preparing Mentally Strong Preschoolers for Life's Challenges

Allowing children to solve their own problems is a transformative approach to raising mentally strong children. We equip them with invaluable life skills by fostering resilience, critical thinking, self-efficacy, responsibility, and adaptability. As parents and caregivers, we play a crucial role in supporting and guiding them while granting them the freedom to navigate their own challenges.

Montessori Magic: Cultivating Mental Strength in Preschoolers

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Inquiry-based learning Curriculum

Inquiry-based learning is a teaching approach that focuses on engaging students in hands-on, interactive, and collaborative activities that allow them to explore and investigate real-world problems and questions. It is based on the idea that learning is an active process and that students are more likely to retain and understand new information when actively discovering and exploring it for themselves.

In an inquiry-based learning environment, students are encouraged to ask questions, make observations, and test hypotheses as they work through a problem or topic. This process can involve various activities, such as conducting experiments, collecting data, analyzing evidence, and developing and presenting solutions.

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The Extraordinary!

The journey for a child to reach their full potential takes an extraordinary commitment. That is why there is nothing ordinary about ExcellED Montessori. We don’t just teach – we inspire, nurture, and create an environment where each child is encouraged to reach for the stars.✨🌟 Our exceptional team of educators is committed to guiding our students on this extraordinary journey, ensuring they reach their highest potential.

What Makes ExcellED Montessori Extraordinary!

Excelled Montessori Plus

Our Vision

At ExcellED Montessori Plus, we ensure the children have a platform away from home to develop social skills, grow emotionally and intellectually, and have a whole lot of fun which will help them grow into well-developed individuals

Our Mission

To offer an educational experience driven by curiosity and inquiry so as to ensure a holistic development of a child. Inquiry-Based Learning.

Our Core Values

Creativity, Integrity, Collaboration, Accountability,

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