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Virtual Preschool


What we provide our online/virtual learners!
✔️ Weekly one-on-one 30-minute sessions with Montessori Instructors
✔️ Daily Morning Circle Time (max 10 students in a class- discontinued 8/1/22).
✔️ Separate sessions for 2-3 yr and 3-6 yr olds
✔️ Hands-on projects and activities – STEAM-based
✔️ Music, Spanish, and Online Yoga
✔️ Expert Curriculum Guidance for Parents at home
✔️ All our sessions are live

Virtual preschool has been a game-changer for children not able to attend preschool. Join our live online Montessori preschool to connect with friends from around the world. We cannot wait to learn more about your child while bringing a Montessori experience into your home. Delivering virtual education since 2012.

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virtual preschool

Why choose Montessori virtual preschool at ExcellED?

“It was a great experience to have my 5 years old joining excelled virtual classes. She had stayed with this class since September of 2020, almost one year as of now. She will go to kindergarten soon, that is why we say good bye to this virtual school. She has learned a lot in English, crafts and arts from all classes. She has fun and very happy to talk to teachers and other kids. If you plan to let you children to learn and have fun from online classes now, I highly recommend this program.. Qingyan Xie

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virtual preschool

You don't have to pause your child's learning!

Not all Classrooms Have 4-Walls

Our virtual preschool program started in March of 2020 (we have been offering virtual education since 2012) and since then has welcomed over 500 students from all over the globe.

9 out of 10 parents highly recommended our virtual preschool.

Enrollment Options:
Try our program for one week for $39 (2 one-on-one sessions since young children require more than one lesson to get used to a new program)

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Complete enrollment application
Join edScription for access to our lesson plans and virtual community
Attend Parent Orientation to understand how the program works and schedule your child’s sessions
Attend live sessions during the week
After the trial, meet with our counselors to create a personalized plan for your child

One-on-one Lessons

One-on-one lessons with certified Montessori instructors provide children opportunities to focus on Math, Reading, and other subject areas. Each session is 30-minutes long. The teachers will conduct an evaluation to learn more about your child and then personalize lessons based on what you, as a parent, want to achieve.

Kindergarten Readiness

Who says we can’t learn to multiple over a zoom call? Ms. Nakia and Albert during their session.


Our virtual/online preschool program does not require the purchase of specialized Montessori materials to participate. We typically will have parents and students create materials based on their personalized lessons. Use of material at home has many benefits, including:

✔️Keeping the costs low for parents – we believe that every home is a Montessori home, and you should be able to use items already available at home to do the lessons.

✔️The process of creating the materials jointly with the child enhances the learning experience.

For Math, Reading, Culture, and other lessons, our Montessori guides publish and send assignments via Google Classroom.

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Daily Morning Circle Time

Every morning join your friends from across the globe for a live group virtual circle time, with multiple start times available. The morning circle time provides your children opportunities to connect with other children from across the globe. The lessons include STEM, Music, and Spanish.

Priceless Conversations

Children get plenty of opportunities to connect with teachers and make virtual friends from across the globe.

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