After School Programs for Elementary School Students

After School Program

Quality Year-Round After School programming

PROGRAMME Elementary School
AGE 5 - 12 Years

Quality Year-Round After School programming

Our after-school program provides a safe and enriching environment for your child to grow and learn. With a variety of activities such as homework help, sports, arts and crafts, and educational games, our program fosters creativity, critical thinking, and social skills. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing personalized attention to each child and creating a positive atmosphere where kids can thrive. Give your child the opportunity to unlock their full potential and sign up for our after-school program today!
⭐ Ages 6 -12 years old
⭐ Homework help
⭐ Activities including coding, chess & more

Program Details

Our after-school program for children ages 6-12 provides a variety of educational and enriching activities that build upon their school day and promote academic and social growth. Here are some potential areas of focus for an after-school program for this age group:

Homework help and academic support: Many children need assistance with homework and studying after school, so our after-school program can provide a structured environment where children can receive help from trained staff and peers.

Enrichment activities: After-school programs offers a range of activities that enhance children’s knowledge and skills. These activities can include music, art, drama, robotics, coding, and other STEM-related subjects. These activities can spark children’s creativity and curiosity and expose them to new ideas and experiences.

Sports and physical activities: Physical activity is essential for children’s health and well-being, so after-school programs provides opportunities for children to participate in sports and other physical activities. These activities can include organized sports such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball, as well as games and activities that promote teamwork and cooperation.

Social-emotional learning: After-school programs provides opportunities for children to develop social and emotional skills such as communication, problem-solving, and empathy. Children can participate in activities that promote positive relationships, teamwork, and conflict resolution.

Service-learning and community engagement: After-school programs offers opportunities for children to engage in service-learning projects and community service activities. These activities can help children develop a sense of responsibility and social awareness and can encourage them to become active and engaged members of their communities.

Overall, our after-school program for children ages 6-12 should provide a variety of educational and enriching activities that promote academic and social growth and help children develop skills and interests outside of school.

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