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Why ExcellED?

The journey for a child to reach their full potential takes an extraordinary commitment. That is why there is nothing ordinary about ExcellED Montessori. 🚀🧠 Every child's journey towards realizing their full potential is not an ordinary voyage. It requires an extraordinary commitment, dedication, and an enriching environment that supports their unique growth.

At ExcellED Montessori, we understand this journey. We believe there is nothing ordinary about the path to brilliance, and this is reflected in our approach to early childhood education.

Parent Reviews - Dads

🎓🌟 As our recent batch of young learners graduate and step into a new chapter of their lives, we are filled with pride and joy. But don't just take our word for it - here's what the parents of our recent graduates have to say about their journey at ExcellED Montessori.
We are incredibly thankful to our parent community for their ongoing support and faith in us. These testimonials truly reaffirm our mission - to create an environment that nurtures the extraordinary potential in every child. 🌱🚀
Here's to more years of inspiring young minds and fostering lifelong learners!

Roderick Terrell

Excelled has continued to foster an incredible learning environment of personalized learning for our child catered to their individual learning style and needs. The Excelled staff are proactive with communication, engaged in the classrooms, and attentive to each individual child’s learning. They also continue to offer great options for an enhanced learning experience with inclusions such as foreign language, yoga, dance/ballet, gymnastics and other sports activities. One highlight that really stands out is their willingness to openly communicate and talk through what’s best for your child. And by the way, the staff is exceptional regarding responses and follow-ups whether in person, or via email, mobile app or phone call. We wish they offered K-5 classes as we would not hesitate to keep our child at Excelled based on the experience we’ve had over the past 3 years. Mr. Steve and Ms. Emily are true rockstars and we can’t rave about them enough!

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Carla Lambert

We are so happy that our son is attending Spanish Grove Academy, the teachers and staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. They made us feel welcome from the very start. We were very nervous when we switched daycares that our son wouldn’t adjust, but by day two he was smiling and excited to attend school.

SGA is so much more than a daycare, the Montessori program has been so helpful in my child’s development. His curiosity has increased and he is becoming more independent (20 month old). We are a bi-cultural family, and making sure that I passed down the gift of speaking two languages to my children was extremely important to me and that’s why we chose Spanish Grove Academy. I would 100% recommend to any family looking for more than just a daycare, the staff here will take great care of your baby and teach them while playing, not to mention your kids will learn Spanish at the same time!

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