Redefining Preschool

Connecting the Classroom to the World

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Connecting the Classroom to the World

A special place for the beginning years

90% of the brain develops by age 5

At ExcellED, we are preparing your children for the next 95


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Creating creative, curious, independent learners

At ExcellED Schools, we believe that no school is bigger than childhood and no teacher is greater than curiosity. We provide your children with a carefully prepared, safe learning environment that encourages curiosity, creativity, and helps develop independent learners.

“Preparing Young Learners for the Future: by fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.”

Building a strong foundation: How Preschool can help your child succeed in Kindergarten

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Cognia Accredited School

Cognia Accredited

ExcellEd is accredited by Cognia,  a renowned nonprofit organization that provides quality assurance for schools, school districts, and education service providers.

This accreditation is not just a badge of honor; it represents a nationally recognized mark of quality for our school. The Cognia Global Accreditation Commission’s rigorous evaluation process is a testament to our commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of educational excellence.


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montessori preschool daycare excelled san antonio boerne

Why ExcellED Montessori is the Premier Choice for Parents

Parents choose ExcellED Montessori for their preschoolers because of its individualized, hands-on learning approach, focus on character development, preparation for the future, positive social interactions, safe environment, highly qualified teachers, and research-backed curriculum.

Why ExcellED Montessori
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Introducing Movement and Motor Skills Lab

Welcome to the ‘Movement and Motor Skills Mastery Lab at Excelled’ – our latest addition featuring an educational area where fun and learning intertwine. This dynamic space is crafted for the comprehensive development of motor skills, offering a lively environment that merges the excitement of discovery with vital educational experiences.

Motor Skills Lab

What makes an ExcellED School an ExcellED School?

It’s not the state-of-the-art facilities and technology. It’s not the carefully curated curriculum nor the renowned Montessori materials. Behind every decision and component are days, minutes, hours, and years of reflection, analysis, and collaboration of educational experiences. It’s the totality of every ounce of passion we invest in creating, refining, and delivering the finest personalized instruction in our programs. Our commitment to academic excellence through an individualized design fuels our kindergarten graduates for one outcome: “ExcellED.”

What makes ExcellED Preschool Special
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We celebrated 50 ExcellED Graduates this year

The memories couldn’t have been sweeter. Thankfully, we captured some of these heartfelt moments with grandparents, family members, and friends. We are pleased to share this joyous occasion with you.


Meet our graduates over the years
montessori preschool daycare excelled san antonio boerne

Redefining Preschool: come experience the PLUS

The PLUS is the commitment of our teachers to do whatever is necessary to help each child achieve at their maximum, personal level.  We personalize learning for children based on their learning styles and developmental needs.  We blend Montessori, Reggio Emilia, technology, and other traditional instructional strategies to prepare children for school and life.

Redefining Preschool
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Student-Centered Experiences, Personalized Learning

Can you imagine showing up at your doctor’s office and being told, “everyone with a cough goes to room A for the same treatment?”  All children do not learn the same way and at the same pace.  At ExcellED Schools, teachers leverage research-based instructional strategies to personalize learning for children based on their learning styles, needs, and pace.  Your children play an essential role in their own learning, and our goal is to provide them with age-appropriate, developmental tools and a safe environment.

Personalized Learning
montessori preschool daycare excelled san antonio boerne

Center of Excellence for Infants & Toddlers

Babies are born to learn, and our care specialists are born to be an extension of your parental love. When you drop off your child at ExcellED, your presence will still be felt in your child in your absence

We invite you to come to experience how we are redefining the beginning years.

Center of Excellence
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HOW DO INSECTS LEARN TO BE INSECTS?  Inquiry-based learning

Do insects go to school? You won’t see an insect graduating from college anytime soon, but insects can learn. Insects use memories to change their behaviors. Honeybees memorize flight routes and communicate with dance routines!

Where do insects go to learn?
montessori preschool daycare excelled san antonio boerne

Importance of High Quality Preschool for Life Readiness

“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed.” – Maria Montessori

So what exactly is required to be life ready? 

Montessori and Life Readiness

The ExcellED family of educators has grown to over 70+ teachers in the last 3 years with an average experience of 10+ years.

ExcellED Team
montessori preschool daycare excelled san antonio boerne


Infusing Metaverse with Montessori to enhance learning experiences for children. Integrating technology into daily learning.

What is Metassori?

Montessori Education

Our on-campus Montessori-based curriculum includes programs for:


The Nido classroom is a calm, cozy, homelike environment for babies.


10 weeks to 18 months.


Your toddler has a once in a lifetime opportunity to absorb information from the environment.


18-36 Months


A Strong Foundation for Success


3 to 6 years


Kindergarten Readiness – Kindergarten is a child’s first significant educational transition from toddler exploration to school-age expectations.



Summer Camp

Offering a variety of activities such as sports, arts and crafts, outdoor adventures, and STEAM based educational programs.


Ages 5 - 12 Years


Parents Love Our School

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10+ Average Years of staff Experience 
400+ Children in school 
99% Happy parents 

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