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Rollie Pollies Race (Inquiry-Based Learning)

Have you ever raced Rollie Pollies (pill bugs)? Mommy, why do I have to do that? What Is that? How does it work? The preschool […]

Cooking – Practical Life Activity

Summer Camp – Waffle Making! What toppings do you like on your waffles? Cooking is an excellent practical life activity that strengthens children’s fine motor […]

Nutrition – Picky Eaters

Young children can be picky eaters, and that’s totally normal, and providing children with a diverse selection of food can reduce a child’s reluctance to […]

Hand-EYE Coordination in Infants

Hand-eye coordination – Did you know infants are nearsighted at birth? In fact, infants are nearsighted until eight weeks old prohibiting them from developing their […]

Building with Blocks

What has your child recently built? Building blocks are more than children mindlessly stacking one block on top of the other. As the children look […]

Developing Motor Skills

Toddlers in a Montessori classroom spend a lot of time working on activities that will help them develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Here […]

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