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Not All Classrooms Have Four Walls


Not all classrooms have 4 Walls

Hey there. Steve Whewell with ExcellED Montessori.  Today’s topic…not all classrooms have 4 walls.

Look. A classroom is a wonderful place for education.  I’ve supervised classrooms for the last 20 years and have seen children achieve…but let’s be real.  Life does not happen in a bubble and some of the greatest learning takes place not when a child walks into a classroom…but rather when a child walks out of it.

There is an infinite amount of lessons outside just waiting to be discovered.  Outside we can capitalize on a child’s natural desire to learn.  The simple statement, “Ok children, let’s go outside,” immediately stirs children to action and ignites their sense of exploration.


  • Social skills are enhanced.
  • Fresh air fills their lungs.
  • Movement is free and unrestricted.

Taking children outside to enrich their learning experience…just…makes…sense.

And when it comes to comprehension, there’s a huge difference between being taught a lesson and actually experiencing it.  When you are taught to take care of animals because you read a story about it in your textbook, you understand it’s a good thing to do.  But when you find an injured bird on the playground and nurse it back to life, you know you made a difference, and you learned a lesson in biology and empathy that you will never forget.

Learning cannot be constrained in a textbook. Learning cannot be bound in a building. Not all classrooms have four walls.

This has been the Excellerator with Steve Whewell.

excelled montessori 4 walls

Not all classrooms have four walls refers to the idea that traditional classroom settings, with four walls, a roof, and a door, is not the only way or place to learn. It means that learning can take place in many different environments, not just the traditional physical setting of a classroom. This can include online learning, outdoor classrooms, or other non-traditional spaces such as museums, community centers, or even homes. It also implies that the boundaries of a “classroom” are not limited to four walls and that learning can happen anytime, anywhere. This concept is often associated with the idea of a “boundaryless” or “flexible” classroom that can facilitate more personalized and diverse learning experiences for students.

Outdoor play has many benefits for children, including:

  1. Physical health: Playing outside allows children to engage in physical activity, which can help them develop strong bodies and improve overall fitness.
  2. Mental health: Being in nature has been shown to reduce stress and improve mood.
  3. Cognitive development: Outdoor play can also support cognitive development by allowing children to explore and engage with the natural world, which can help them develop problem-solving skills and creativity.
  4. Social development: Outdoor play often involves group activities, which can help children learn how to work together and develop social skills.
  5. Exposure to nature: spending time outside can help children develop an appreciation for nature and the environment, which can foster a sense of stewardship for the planet.
  6. Creativity and imagination: outside playgrounds and equipment can inspire children to use their imagination and creativity in play.
  7. Vitamin D: Sunlight exposure is essential for the body to produce Vitamin D, which is important for bone health and the immune system.


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    “Not all classrooms have four walls” – Life does not happen in a bubble and some of the greatest learning takes place not when a child walks into a classroom…but rather when a child walks out of it.

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