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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Hello, this is Steve Whewell with excelled Montessori. This month’s topic: healthy bodies healthy minds.

Physical activity and eating healthy foods are important for promoting good health in your growing preschooler, but not just good health, they also promote intelligence – Dr. Maria Montessori said, “Movement or physical activity…is an essential factor in intellectual growth.”  Movement is essential for intellectual growth! With this in mind, remember that 90% of the brain develops by age 5…so movement is critical for your preschooler’s intellectual development.  This is why nearly every lesson in our classrooms is an active, multi-sensory experience.

To give your preschoolers the best foundation for the long haul, be sure to introduce and instill good habits at an early age.

So here are three ways to help you and your child choose a healthy body/healthy mind foundation:

Number 1…Exercise – The simple act of “play” is an amazing way to help strengthen a child’s growing body.  Encourage activities with lots of movement and don’t be afraid to jump in on the action.  Also, consider guided activities such as yoga.  Yoga helps build inner strength and promotes flexibility and improved circulation.

Number 2…Practical life activities – don’t underestimate the simple tasks that promote good health.  Be consistent with daily routines to promote health such as brushing teeth, washing hands, and self-care. In recent days, we’ve seen how important these small tasks have become in maintaining good health.

Number 3…Involve your children in healthy meal planning and grocery shopping.  The more children are involved, the more likely they are to follow through with the finished product!  Think of it like a children’s tv game show.  Give them the challenge to use specific healthy items and see what they can come up with for meal ideas.  For example, instead of chips and dip, how about “caterpillar pizza”?  This delicious treat consists of sliced zucchini stuffed with mozzarella and pepperoni.  It may look a bit gross, but it will be a fun and memorable event seeing family members trying to eat it.

Children will surprise you with how much they want to participate when you throw in a little fun.  Besides, every child deserves an adventure on their plate from time to time.

So support your child’s brain and body development by making a commitment to these healthy choices.

This has been the excellerator with Steve Whewell.

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