Asking Questions Fuels a Lifelong Love of Learning in Your Child

learning to ask questions
Asking Questions

Have you ever noticed how your child seems to have an endless supply of questions? “Why is the sky blue?” “How do bees make honey?” “What if dinosaurs could fly?” These curious inquiries are more than just noise – they’re a sign of a developing mind eager to explore the world. At ExcellED Montessori Plus, we nurture this natural curiosity and empower children to become lifelong learners through the power of asking questions. Learning to ask questions is like having a superpower. It really is!

Why Questions Are Awesome in Preschool

Right from their first day at ExcellED Montessori Plus, your child enters a magical world where their thoughts and questions help shape their learning journey. Imagine them as detectives in their own classroom adventure, where every question uncovers a new clue. Cool, right?

What’s So Special About Asking Questions Here?

Our school is like a big playground for your child’s brain! We combine Montessori magic with Reggio Emilia’s exciting ideas to make sure they have the best tools to explore. Here, asking questions isn’t just good; it’s encouraged every day because it helps them learn and grow in the best ways possible.

inquiry-based learning

How Questions Keep Us Learning Forever

When your child asks questions, they start a learning party that never stops! We’ve noticed that our friends who ask lots of questions get really good at learning by themselves, which is a super important skill for everyone. This love for questions they develop here will help them keep learning new and exciting things all their life.

Tips for Turning Into a Question-Asking Superhero

Here are some cool ways we help your child become a question-asking superstar at ExcellED Montessori Plus:

  • Your Safe Space: This is where they can think out loud and nobody will ever say that’s a silly question.
  • Teacher Time: Our teachers are like your child’s personal learning coaches, always ready to explore questions with them.
  • Mystery Materials: We have tons of learning materials and tools that don’t come with instructions, which means your child can think up their own fun uses for them.
  • Exploration Encouraged: Ever want your child to just wander and see what they find? That’s a big part of their day—they can explore and let their curiosity lead the way!

Some of the Questions Our Students Have Explored

  • Do bugs go to preschool? How do they learn to be bugs?
  • What color makes you happy?
  • Can you catch a lightning bolt?
  • Are seeds sleepy?
  • Can you hear feelings in music?
questions for preschoolers

Make Your Home a Question Zone

Turning your home into a fun “Question Zone” is a great way to spark curiosity and make learning a natural part of everyday life. Here’s how you can make it fun and easy:

1. Daily Question Time: Have a “Question of the Day” at dinner. Everyone can take turns asking a question—anything goes! This makes mealtime interesting and full of surprises.

2. Create a Curiosity Board: Hang a bulletin board in your living room or kitchen where everyone can pin up questions they’re thinking about. Once a week, pick a question to explore together. Maybe you’ll even find the answer during dessert!

3. Wonder Walks: Take walks around your neighborhood or park and play a game of “I wonder why…” or “What if…?” Look at the trees, the sky, the bugs—anything can spark a great question!

4. Reading Nook Talks: Build a cozy corner for reading together. After reading, chat about the story. Ask fun questions like, “What would you do if you were in the story?” or “Why do you think the character did that?”

5. Science at Home: Do simple experiments with things around the house. Guess what will happen and ask lots of “Why” and “What if” questions. You might find out something amazing!

6. Tech as a Tool: Use your computer or tablet time to watch cool educational shows or videos. Talk about what you learn, and guess what might happen next in the story or experiment.

Teaching at  Tool

7. Crafty Questions: Get creative with crafts! Ask each other questions like, “What can we make with these materials?” or “How does this glue work?” It’s a fun way to learn together.

8. Question Jar: Fill a jar with random questions written on slips of paper. Whenever someone feels curious, pull out a question and dive into finding the answers together.

These simple, playful ideas can make your home the best “Question Zone” ever, where learning is just part of having fun together. So let’s get curious and start asking more questions!

Wrapping Up

At ExcellED Montessori Plus, we’re not just about learning what’s in books. We’re about learning how to learn, and doing it in a way that’s as fun as playing your favorite game. Questions are the keys that unlock the doors to endless learning, and we love seeing where your child’s questions take them!

Join Us!

If you think asking questions and learning cool stuff sounds fun for your child, come see what a day at our school is like. Bring their curiosity and get ready to play, explore, and ask away at ExcellED Montessori Plus!


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