Don’t pause your child’s learning

Don’t pause your child’s learning – let them soar

Hey there. Steve Whewell with ExcellED Montessori.  Today’s topic…don’t pause your child’s learning – let them soar.

Let’s be honest … a lot of you are playing teacher now and realizing that that ain’t easy.

But I do have some good news.  Luckily for you, children are very flexible and adaptable – they more naturally adapt to changes in their environment. With a little bit of teacher guidance and a whole lot of patience, persistence, and love, your child can actually excel during this time in their education.

Listen to what one of our online parents from Maryland had to say about his recent experience with our virtual school.   (read quote)

Quote “Excelled Montessori Plus is a …virtual environment that my wife and I have found to be invaluable for us and our 4 year old daughter at a time when we’re not willing to place our preschooler in a physical classroom due to covid19…”the”…classes… cover so much more than our prior daycare did that we wish we would have researched Montessori schooling sooner than we did…This…virtual option…” equipped”…my wife and I with the knowledge and guidance that we so desperately needed but were previously lacking to ensure our daughter is on the proper learning trajectory.” End quote

I hope you caught that.  We meet with children only 30 to 45 minutes a day online and this parent feels like their daughter has covered more ground academically than when their daughter attended a full-day on-campus childcare program…wow!

The approach to learning in the COVID19 era is different, but don’t let it intimidate you and don’t let it stop you from helping your child realize true academic gains.  Parents are finding success for their children in different shapes and forms…and you can, too!

Keep in mind, 90% of the child’s brain development takes place by the time the child reaches 5 years old.  Don’t push the pause button on their learning!

This has been the Excellerator with Steve Whewell.



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