The Role of Physics and Practical Experiments in Preschool

The Role of Physics

Did you know that even our youngest learners at Excelled Montessori are becoming mini-scientists? Every week, they dive into the exciting world of physics through super fun experiments that make learning a blast!

What is Physics?

Physics is like magic! It helps us understand how things around us work. It tells us why balls bounce and why we fall down instead of floating up. Every time we play with our toys or watch water pour out of a cup, we’re learning physics. It’s all about asking, ‘What will happen if I do this?’ and then watching to see what happens. It’s really fun to discover all these things by playing! It’s a fun part of STEM, which includes science, technology, engineering, and math.

Why We Love Starting STEM Early:

  • Smart Starts Here: When kids play with physics, they’re not just having fun—they’re getting smarter! Tackling cool science stuff early on boosts their brains and sets them up for big wins in school later on.
  • Future Ready: By exploring science now, our kids are gearing up to rock the tech-savvy world they’ll grow up in. They’re learning to think like future engineers and inventors before they even hit grade school!

Physics Fun at Our School:

  • What’s This Week’s Big Idea? Each week, our awesome science teachers introduce a new, fun physics theme. From the get-go, kids get hands-on with activities about gravity, how things move, and what makes lights bright.
  • Experiment Time! Think making parachutes to learn about air or building mini-cars to zoom down ramps. Our little ones learn by doing, and they love every minute of it.

Montessori Meets Physics:

  • Special Tools for Tiny Hands: We use cool Montessori tools that help kids discover physics without even realizing they’re learning. They get to see how scales balance and feel how ramps work.
  • Ask Away: Curiosity is king in our classrooms. Kids ask big questions and experiment with their ideas in a safe and welcoming space.
The Power of Push

Benefits of Introducing Physics and STEM to Preschoolers

Introducing physics and STEM to preschoolers isn’t just fun—it’s a smart move too! Here’s why it’s super cool to get the little ones started on STEM early, with a dash of research to back it up:

  1. Brain Boosting Fun:
    • Starting STEM early, especially physics, gives kids’ brains a mega boost! It’s like brain training with building blocks and science experiments. Research shows that fun STEM activities can help little brains development faster, making it easier for kids to learn more as they grow.
  2. Future Einsteins in the Making:
    • Kids who play with science and math from a young age tend to do better in school later. A study in “Early Childhood Research Quarterly” found that early math skills are a big predictor of later academic success. Imagine physics adding even more power to that!
  3. Never Give Up Attitude:
    • Ever watch a kid try to figure out why their toy car won’t roll? They try and try, and that’s what STEM teaches them—perseverance. Playing with physics problems teaches them it’s okay to make mistakes and keep trying. This kind of grit is what researchers in a “Journal of Research in Science Teaching” study say can come from early STEM experiences.
  4. STEM Is Cool!:
    • When preschoolers get to do cool experiments, they think science is awesome, which means they’re more likely to love it as they grow up. This can be especially important for encouraging girls in science, a point highlighted by studies like those in “Child Development” which emphasize early engagement as a key to breaking gender stereotypes in STEM.
  5. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:
    • Little scientists don’t work alone! Projects with friends teach them about teamwork. This isn’t just fun; it’s a skill they’ll use forever. Plus, research from “Science Education” shows that collaborative learning in early years can lead to better communication and social skills.
Learning about Levers

Try This at Home:

  • Physics Play: We send home easy-peasy experiment ideas so the fun doesn’t have to stop. How about making a simple lever with a ruler and some books?
  • Keep the Curiosity Going: We also share tips on awesome science kits and books that keep our tiny physicists exploring at home.

Our Proud Moments:

  • We’ve seen amazing stuff!

Conclusion: At Excelled Montessori, we’re all about having fun while learning. Our kids don’t just hear about physics; they see it, touch it, and make it happen. And that’s how we prepare them to take on the world!

Join Us: Curious? Come see how we make science fun at our next open house! Spread the word and let’s get more kids loving science.

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