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Cultural Studies

Group of multi-ethnic five little kids children African American, asian and Caucasian happiness together with friend to draw colour pencil to full colour of picture in living room or class room

Cultural Studies – This afternoon, a spontaneous conversation started when Isabella randomly carried her rug to the shelf on her head without hands. I explained that some cultures actually do carry objects on their head, and we looked up photos of women and children in Africa fetching jugs of water and transporting them on their heads. The kids were mesmerized so, of course, we had to try it out for ourselves (Cultural Studies – Carrying Work on Head) . #culturalstudies #excelledmontessori #kinderreadiness

Carrying work on the head is common in many parts of the developing world, as only a simple length of cloth shaped into a ring or ball is needed to carry loads approaching the person’s own weight. The practice is efficient, in a place or at a time when there are no vehicles available for carrying burdens.

The Montessori Cultural Studies curriculum provides children with an opportunity to explore the larger world. As part of a rich exploration of the different cultures of the world, students learn about the people, terrain, and animals of each continent as they study them in the course of the three-year cycle.

Cultural Studies also introduces children to the physical world that surrounds them, providing them with the opportunity to explore real things and learn the scientific names for plants and animals. Areas studied include geography, zoology, botany, physics, earth science, and social studies.

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