Tao of Montessori

Figure 1: The Tao of Montessori is timeless life wisdom

Timeless Life Wisdom (Part 1)

Montessori is more than an educational philosophy; it is a way of life and contains wisdom that transcends age and time. 

At the core of Montessori lies the simple approach of ‘unconditional love for all children.’ This depth of compassion and acceptance for all children, no matter their behavior, is easier said than done. To come to a place of unconditional love for others, one needs to first find this in oneself. 

Here are some simple pearls of Montessori wisdom to help you in this journey of unconditional loving. 

Figure 2: The overriding Tao of Montessori is unconditional love for all children

Tao of Montessori: 7 Pearls of Wisdom

1.. Revere your child for their potential. Trust in your child’s innate ability to guide his development and believe in his highest potential; a lotus grows through the mud before it blooms. Despite your best efforts, a soul has a journey of its own, and your child will sometimes behave in unwanted ways as he works through his unique developmental challenges. No matter their behavior, look past it and see the emerging soul.

The first step is self-preparation of the imagination, for the Montessori teacher has to visualise a child who is not yet there, materially speaking, and must have faith in the child who will reveal himself through work. Maria Montessori

2. Remove the plank from your eye. Our children reflect our inner turmoil and beliefs, and so often, we try to fix their behavior before looking within. The behavior that most triggers us in our children is the guidepost to where our inner healing needs to occur. Suppose you can see your child as a mirror bringing you your most significant opportunity for growth. In that case, you will find it easier to deal with their failings by first dealing with your own by deeply loving, accepting, and forgiving yourself.

‘My relationship with my kids is a reflection of my relationship with myself. The patience, understanding and loving attention I am able to offer them are always equivalent to the patience, understanding and loving attention I am able to offer myself.‘ Talia Sutra

3. Become a saint, servant, and scientist of your child. We can become a saint to our children by role modeling the moral behavior we wish for our children to learn. We can become servants by recognizing our support role in their soul’s journey. Being a servant does not mean that we pander to their needs and do everything for our children; we serve them by assisting them in learning by themselves. In the words of Montessori, ‘help me to do it myself.’ And finally, to be a scientist, we need to observe our children first and foremost. We need to stand back and support their natural unfolding without hindrance or interference by following their unique interests and journey. 

“She must acquire a moral alertness which has not hitherto been demanded by any other system, and this is revealed in her tranquillity, patience, charity, and humility. Not words, but virtues, are her main qualifications.”  Maria Montessori

4. Less is more. How often are you tempted to buy your child the latest gadget? How regularly do you overcompensate for your lack of time by giving your child another toy? Although, at the moment, your child may find these gifts enticing, what your child most wants is your full attention and to know that he matters. Children do not need entertainment, and too many things can distract and clutter their minds and development. Think less is more, and instead opt for quality time with your children and a few high-quality open-ended toys or games your child can creatively explore, such as Lego. 

5. Follow your child’s inner guide. Your child knows more than anyone what he needs to evolve his soul and is guided by a more potent force than you can imagine. The trick is to discern when he has deviated from his inner calling and is wayward on his path. Stand back and observe; you will know. He will concentrate intensely, and peace and joy will emanate from his being. When you glimpse this, please do everything you can to allow space and support, free from disturbance, for him to follow his inner guide naturally whilst providing suitable guiding parameters.

‘Follow the child, but follow the child as his leader.’ Maria Montessori

6. Children are a gift and a blessing. Have you ever considered that your child is here to teach you, rather than the other way around? Our children bring to this earth a greater consciousness than we currently have. How else would we advance the old? And every child that enters your life is equipped with the experience you specifically require to evolve personally. We can allow extraordinary change if we bow down at our children’s feet, our most profound teachers, and humble ourselves to their mission. Our children are of higher consciousness, bringing all we need to ascend heavenward together.

‘The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind. Maria Montessori

Figure 3: Tao of Montessori reminds us that children are a blessing and hope and promise for humanity

7. Process over product. How often do you push your child to finish a given craft as though the result is of most importance? It is, however, the process that is of the most significant priority. Allow your child to fully engage in the creative process without worrying about the finished product. The same principle applies when your child comes home with incomplete artwork or unrecognizable projects. It’s okay; this is a part of his learning, an essential part of his creative expression. It does not need to be a finished product. The creative outlet will open doorways to more wondrous creations. Smile and say, ‘I can see that you enjoyed art today,’ or something similar

‘It must not be forgotten that the basic law of children’s creativity is that its value lies not in its results, not in the product of creation, but in the process itself. It is not important what children create, but that they do create, that they exercise and implement their creative imagination.’ Lev Yvgotsky

Figure 4: Tao of Montessori starts with loving oneself

Studying Montessori philosophy guides one into a deeply profound spiritual journey. Essentially this Tao can be applied to oneself. In the words of Dr. Shefali, ‘parenting invites us to look in the mirror and heal our unresolved emotional wounds,’ so allow your child to lead the way back home to yourself! Our healing is a responsibility to our children.  

‘Whoever touches the life of the child touches the most sensitive point of a whole, which has roots in the most distant past and climbs towards the infinite future.’ Maria Montessori

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