Giving Your Child the Best Start: How Quality Childcare Boosts Early Development

Quality Childcare boost childhood development

According to the Science of Early Childhood Development, 90 percent of a child’s brain development occurs at the age of five. It is the most adaptable & flexible towards learning at this point.

Hence, it is crucial to nurture and provide them with quality child care. Needless to say, the care they receive during this life stage makes a huge difference. It impacts their cognitive, social, and emotional on the child development. The interactions, experiences, and stimuli they receive at this age influence their cognitive power and social skills.

Apart from brain development, quality care daycare also has a positive impact on other aspects of the child’s growth:

Language Development

Quality child care impacts language skills by offering responsive and stimulating interactions and varied and rich language input. Additionally, children get numerous opportunities to learn from their surroundings. 

For example, a study conducted in 2010 by Burchinal et al., showed that children attending quality care centers till preschool scored exceptionally well in literacy, math, and language compared to kids who received low-quality care.

Emotional & Social Development

Quality child care also influences children’s social and emotional development by providing a nurturing and positive environment. Such settings further promote self-regulation and social competence in children, reducing and preventing behavioral issues. This is evident from a study that showed that children who received quality child care between six months & 4.5 years of age experienced externalizing behavior at a lower level, like defiance or aggression. Besides this, they demonstrated higher levels of empathy, cooperation, and social skills.

Mental and Physical Health Development

When you enroll your kid in a quality care daycare, you can expect a clean and safe environment where your child will receive adequate physical activity and nutrition- all much needed to promote their health and physical development.

Montessori Method- Understanding The Best Approach

One of the best, most effective, proven, and possibly the most reliable approaches for establishing quality child care is the Montessori method. This approach was developed by Dr. Maria from Italy in the early 1900s. The method instilled the belief that children have an instinct for self-directed exploration & learning.

The primary objective of establishing quality care centers using the Montessori method is to instill self-discipline and independence in young learners. 

Furthermore, the Montessori method philosophy also emphasizes hands-on learning. This approach stimulates the senses of children. It invites them to explore. All this sets the stage for their intellectual development. Besides this, through collaborative activities and interactions, children in quality care daycare centers understand emotional intelligence better. They have social skills that help them in the later stages of life.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, prioritize your child’s selection of high-quality childcare settings. Invest in quality child care today to nurture and raise confident, smart kids. Choose excellence for your child’s future; choose ExcellED Montessori Plus. We are the premier choice of parents for preschool and daycare services. Contact us today.

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