January 2021 Update on Personalized Learning Methods

Personalized Learning – Jan 2021 Newsletter

Hello, this is Steve Whewell with excelled Montessori. This month’s topic is Personalized Learning.

We are all different. Our bodies look different. Our minds process information differently. We even learn differently. With this in mind, have you ever wondered why most of us weren’t taught based on our unique learning needs?

When our cars need repairs, a mechanic diagnoses the problem based on what OUR car needs, NOT…someone else’s. When we go to the doctor, thankfully the doctor treats us as individuals. Can you imagine showing up at your doctor’s office and being told, “everyone with a cough goes to room A?” And then the doctor hands out a blanket prescription to treat us all the same way? Life doesn’t work that way, and it SHOULDN’T. Yet that’s how it’s usually done in education.

At excelled Montessori, we personalize learning for YOUR CHILD based on their individual needs. We can do so because we offer a three-tiered solution: (1) We have the Montessori framework (2) We have lower student to teacher ratios and (3) we carry the “whatever is necessary” creed. In our handbook, it states that our staff will do whatever is necessary to help each child succeed. This is our most important mission because we want what’s best for ALL OUR students.

I spoke to a parent recently who said her child needed the gift of time. She approached her child’s school and they said the child must move on to the next level REGARDLESS of her developmental readiness because of her AGE. If the child had been born 5 days earlier, she could have been accommodated. Just 5 days!

Educational needs should not be determined by chronological age alone. Lessons should not be taught for the whole class when only ONE PART of the group is ready for it. Students should have the ability to MASTER the curriculum before being told to move on because the class CAN’T WAIT any longer.

Personalized learning is truly the KEY for ACCELERATED learning. Why? Because the most important thing about YOUR education is where YOU start and where YOU finish.

This has been the Excellerator with Steve Whewell.

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