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Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for your interest in ExcellED Montessori and your query about our tuition rates. At Excelled Montessori, we firmly believe that you should expect more from your child’s daycare, which is why we are committed to providing an enriching, Montessori-based learning environment that exceeds the typical standards of early childhood education. The following sections will explain our personalized curriculum, facilities, and what sets ExcellED Montessori apart, in addition to discussing the tuition.

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Programs and In-house Experiential Field Trips

We pride ourselves on offering robust programs and unique experiences as part of your child’s tuition. Our educational model goes beyond the traditional classroom setup, integrating specialized programs and in-house experiential field trips to enrich the learning journey. Programs offered include:

🌎 Spanish Immersion: 2-3 times a week
🍎 Nutritious Meals: Organic Pureed Food for Infants & Freshly Prepared Meals, served daily
🧘 Yoga & Mindfulness: Cultivating inner peace, once a week
🎵 Music Exploration: Harmonizing creativity, weekly
🔬 STEM – Science Fridays: Igniting scientific wonder, weekly
🏃 Movement & Motor Skills Lab: Enhancing physical development,
👥 Focused Attention: Lower student-to-teacher ratios for personalized learning
🌟 Inquiry-Based Curriculum: Encouraging questions and exploration
🏡 Parent Info Nights: Strengthening our community, monthly

These added experiences are all included in our tuition, ensuring your child receives a well-rounded education without any hidden costs. Programs You Won’t Find Anywhere Else.


Cognia Accredited

ExcellEd is accredited by Cognia,  a renowned nonprofit organization that provides quality assurance for schools, school districts, and education service providers.

This accreditation is not just a badge of honor; it represents a nationally recognized mark of quality for our school. The Cognia Global Accreditation Commission’s rigorous evaluation process is a testament to our commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of educational excellence.

Being accredited by Cognia signifies that we have met stringent standards set by the educational community, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and excellence. It clearly indicates our school’s commitment to excellence, our openness to external review and feedback, and our enduring aspiration to be the best for the students we serve.

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Smaller class sizes

Smaller class sizes allow our teachers to personalize better learning for your child.

ExcellED State & Competitors
Infants 2 Teachers to 8 babies 2:10
Toddlers 2 Teachers to 15-18 toddlers 2:22
Primary 2 Teachers to 22-25 preschoolers 2:36


The many benefits of smaller class sizes include Individual Attention, Increased Participation, Better Teacher-Student Relationships, Less Classroom Disruption, Improved Academic Performance, Increased Feedback, and Reduced Stress.

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Highly Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are the heart and soul of our learning community. Each team member is highly qualified, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in early childhood education. They possess a deep understanding of the Montessori philosophy, applying it with expertise to foster an engaging and inclusive learning environment. But beyond their qualifications, our teachers exhibit a profound love for teaching and a genuine commitment to nurturing the holistic development of every child. They take the time to understand and meet each child’s unique needs, promoting independence, curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning. Our teachers’ continuous professional development ensures they stay at the forefront of educational best practices, bringing the best to our Excelled Montessori family.

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State of the Art Facilities

At Excelled Montessori, our facilities are thoughtfully designed to create an optimal learning environment for our young students. From spacious, naturally-lit classrooms equipped with high-quality Montessori learning materials, to our outdoor areas perfect for exploration and nature-based learning, every corner of our campus supports our commitment to holistic child development.

The campuses include a multipurpose indoor play area, library, science, and movement labs.

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Personalized Learning Curriculum

At ExcellED Schools, teachers leverage research-based instructional strategies to personalize learning for children based on their learning styles, needs, and pace.  Your children play an essential role in their own learning, and our goal is to provide them with age-appropriate, developmental tools and a safe environment.

In an inquiry-based learning environment, students are encouraged to ask questions, make observations, and test hypotheses as they work through a problem or topic. This process can involve various activities, such as conducting experiments, collecting data, analyzing evidence, and developing and presenting solutions.

Curated Parent Resources- blogs & edScription

We believe in fostering a strong partnership with parents, as we understand that education goes beyond the classroom walls. We are thrilled to provide our Curated Parent Resources, a collection of educational tools, articles, workshops, and activities, thoughtfully selected to empower you in your parenting journey. This collection offers insights into child development, strategies for addressing various challenges, and creative ideas to support learning at home. We are committed to keeping these resources updated, relevant, and in tune with our Montessori philosophy, ensuring our families are well-equipped to nurture lifelong learners.
edScription Blogs

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Freshly Prepared Healthy Meals

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds is not just a motto; it’s a guiding principle of our holistic approach to education. We understand the intricate connection between physical health and cognitive function. Nourishing the body with proper nutrition and regular exercise is crucial in supporting mental clarity, focus, and overall cognitive development.  An onsite chef prepares healthy meals from scratch for your children.

Introducing our latest addition: organic pureed food for infants, now available for take-home.

Recognized Extracurriculars

Soccer Shots, Basketball Tots, Knight Chess Club, Techie Kids, Gymnastics Plus, Move & Groove Dance. The vendors come to the school to offer classes saving you valuable commute time.

Health & Safety

Advanced Ventilation System: Our latest campus uses a special air conditioning system to minimize classroom microbial contamination.

All our campuses use security locks to control access to the building and camera systems to monitor all the areas.

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The tuition varies from campus and consists of:
The tuition varies from campus and consists of:

One-time registration
Annual curriculum fees
$300 – $400
Infants 10 wks 18 mths
$300 – $354 per wk
Toddlers 18-36 mths
$285 – $335 per wk
Primary 36-72 mths
$275 – $317 per wk


Remember, the investment in your child’s education at Excelled Montessori goes beyond academics. We’re committed to fostering a community that supports the physical, emotional, and social development of your child. Please message us or schedule a tour to understand better how ExcellED is different.

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