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Bilingualism – A Gift to Your Child

El bilingulismo es el mejor regalo que puedes darle a tus hijos. What is Bilingualism? In our increasingly connected world, speaking multiple languages is more valuable than ever. […]

edScription®: Comprehensive Curriculum

Excelled Montessori is dedicated to crafting an enriching learning environment that prepares our young learners for academic success and life’s diverse challenges. Our comprehensive curriculum, […]

Why Montessori is the Preferred Choice for Modern Parents

Are you juggling work, family, and the never-ending quest to find the best education for your child? You’re not alone. Every parent wants to give […]

Juggling Diapers And Deadlines Is Not Easy

Balancing the joys and challenges of raising preschoolers while juggling a career is quite a feat. Looking back on my journey, I remember how we […]

The Role of Physics and Practical Experiments in Preschool

Did you know that even our youngest learners at Excelled Montessori are becoming mini-scientists? Every week, they dive into the exciting world of physics through […]

Establishing Effective Routines & Schedules For Happy, Healthy Learners

Routines and schedules are very important in early childhood education. At Excelled Montessori, we believe that having a consistent daily routine helps create a safe, […]

Asking Questions Fuels a Lifelong Love of Learning in Your Child

Have you ever noticed how your child seems to have an endless supply of questions? “Why is the sky blue?” “How do bees make honey?” […]

Preparing Preschoolers for the Big World: Raising Mentally Strong Children

As parents, one of our deepest desires is to ensure our children grow up to be strong, capable, and resilient individuals. An essential element in […]

Dual Language Learning Models: Balancing Two Languages

In today’s globalized world, being bilingual is more important than ever. For many parents and educators, the challenge is finding the best way to teach […]

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