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Gary McQuay

Excelled Montessori Plus is a well-structured, reliable, professional, and affordable virtual environment that my wife and I have found to be invaluable for us and our 4 year old daughter at a time when we’re not willing to place our preschooler in a physical classroom due to COVID19. Classes are comprised of group and individual Zoom sessions.

The group sessions allow the children to interact with one another and are guided by weekly themes/topics whereas the individual sessions are dedicated more so topics such as reading, numbers, shapes, geography, etc. (NOTE: The Zoom interface has worked well thus far with no security or interruption issues noted to date). Together, both class types cover so much more than our prior day care did that we wish we would have researched Montessori schooling sooner than we did… The teaching staff is professional, educated, well-prepared, and great with children. Google Classroom, both the on-line and app interfaces, serves as a solid and easy-to-use virtual interface for two-way communications and for posting/retrieving school materials.

The Director, Steve, is very accessible, responsive, and open to parents’ comments, suggestions, and concerns, and has discussed multiple topics with my wife and I both over email and the phone and has made changes at our request that have proven to be very beneficial to not only us but hopefully to other parents and children as well. Also, one-on-one parent-teacher conferences can be set up as needed to ensure parents and teachers are on the same virtual page regarding a student’s learning path and trajectory.

All-in-all, we’ve found this to be a very beneficial virtual option for our daughter’s pre-schooling. It’s accelerated and facilitated our daughter’s ability to learn more so than she was in her prior daycare setting and has armed my wife and I with the knowledge and guidance that we so desperately needed but were previously lacking to ensure our daughter is on the proper learning trajectory.

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