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Spiders Deserve More Respect

For so many, spiders conjure frightening images and feelings; sadly, too many of these beautiful creatures see their demise as a result.  It is heartbreaking […]

Empowering Young Minds through Guidance and Exploration

The Role of the Montessori Teacher: Guide, Observer, and Facilitator In a Montessori classroom, the teacher is often referred to as a “guide” or “facilitator” […]

Can you friend a Spider?

As a group, spiders eat more bugs than any other creature. Spiders play a crucial role in helping to control harmful insects in our gardens […]

Outdoor Learning

Not all classrooms have four walls No doubt, spending time in nature positively affects a child’s well-being. Studies show that natural environments significantly reduce stress […]

Unleashing the Power of the Montessori Prepared Environment

The Invisible Teacher: The Prepared Environment The Montessori classroom is designed to be a “prepared environment” where children can explore, learn, and grow at their […]

A Hands-on, Personalized Educational Model

Not all children learn alike! Montessori recognized that children learn differently, at different paces, and through unique interests. Children’s learning styles vary greatly, and thankfully […]

Over sensitive or sensitive period?

Have you ever thought that your child is being irrational, obsessive, compulsive, unreasonable or overly sensitive? Have you noticed your child showing an intense desire […]

Happy Parent, Happy Child

Happy child, happy parent, or happy parent, happy child? To truly understand the meaning of ‘happy parent, happy child is a challenging and mind-bending concept. […]

Mindful and Heartful Peace Education

Although mindfulness and heartfulness are newly coined concepts, Montessori was ahead of her time in sharing these profound practices with the children in her children’s […]

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