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edScription®: Comprehensive Curriculum

Excelled Montessori is dedicated to crafting an enriching learning environment that prepares our young learners for academic success and life’s diverse challenges. Our comprehensive curriculum, […]

Establishing Effective Routines & Schedules For Happy, Healthy Learners

Routines and schedules are very important in early childhood education. At Excelled Montessori, we believe that having a consistent daily routine helps create a safe, […]

Dual Language Learning Models: Balancing Two Languages

In today’s globalized world, being bilingual is more important than ever. For many parents and educators, the challenge is finding the best way to teach […]

Spanish Immersion: Dive Deep into Language Learning

In today’s world, speaking more than one language is a valuable skill. One great way to teach young children a second language is through a […]

Spanish Immersion or Dual-Language: Which Approach Works Best?

In our increasingly interconnected world, bilingualism has become a valuable asset. Parents and educators alike are seeking effective ways to help children become fluent in […]

Montessori And Bilingualism: A Perfect Pair For Early Education

Parents and educators are looking for ways to provide young children with bilingual education. The Montessori method, known for its child-centered approach and focus on […]

Teaching with Passion: How Heart Meets Science in the Classroom

Teaching is often called both a science and an art. This is because it combines technical knowledge with creativity. The idea that ‘teaching is a […]

Can you friend a Spider?

As a group, spiders eat more bugs than any other creature. Spiders play a crucial role in helping to control harmful insects in our gardens […]

A Hands-on, Personalized Educational Model

Not all children learn alike! Montessori recognized that children learn differently, at different paces, and through unique interests. Children’s learning styles vary greatly, and thankfully, […]

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